Cloud Computing


Imagine a workspace in which you are free to pursue your best and biggest ideas, supported by an IT infrastructure that scales according to your organization’s to-the-minute needs.

With cloud computing, this vision is a reality.


Gone are the days of losing files to the ether, or paying for IT resources that your organization doesn’t need. Our cloud computing solutions will empower your staff to work more efficiently, securely and intelligently from anywhere! (as long as there is an internet connection)


Business benefits

  • Cut down on capital expenditure
  • Pay as you go
  • High efficiency
  • Unrivalled scalability on demand
  • Reduced admin costs
  • Reduced power and electricity bills

    Technical benefits

  • Instant access to the latest technology
  • Guaranteed uptime with no maintenance required
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Automated backups to protect your data
  • A cost-effective disaster recovery solution
  • Access to your data any time, anywhere!

    Why else should you move to the cloud?

    No matter which of our cloud services you choose, we will deliver on-demand access to your IT resources and business services, unrivaled flexibility and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is secure. Get in touch with us today to further discuss your organization’s needs.


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    What People Say

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    • “Computine were very professional in their approach and delivered a bespoke website to meet our requirements that exceeded our expectations. We are now very proud estate agents in North West London. CH Estates”

      – CH Estates

    • logo-site
    • “On behalf of EMSTAR I would like to thank these chaps for such honest and hard work, we were ripped off in the past and overpaid for something we didn’t need or had control over. Our website is restored and we are looking forward to the mobile application.”

      – Peter Huddleston

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    • “We have been using Computine before it formed into a company, Krish has supported our infrastructure for many years. Always happy to help and guide us in the right direction. I’m fascinated about this new cloud environment we will have!”

      – Xavier Glasses

    • supercons
    • “My new company had no IT support so I recommended Krish (now known as Computine LTD) and they turned up within 90 minutes and got us back up and running. Brilliant for AD HOC support and emergencies when you need them.”

      – Super Constructions

    • aboutmepick
    • “An absolute wonderful experience working with these guys, they really sprung my paper based ideas to life. Professional and they really were one click away! Ro x”

      – Rohini Makwana

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