Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

How would your business survive a disaster? Do you have a contingency plan? From the statistics obtained from the London Chamber of Commerce and outlined here the chances are you have not…
Disaster recovery solutions from Computine…

Only 17% of London SME’s have a contingency plan in place compared to 20% of large business

90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut within 2 years of the disaster

43% of companies experiencing disasters never recover

50% of companies experiencing a computer outage will be forced to shut within five years

80% of companies have not developed crisis management to provide IT coverage to support business continuity and keep the business functioning effectively


Having carried out a contingency plan you can ascertain the financial costs and insure against it.

Just taking the IT perspective from this…


Data loss can happen in a number of ways for example – hardware failure, human error (file deletion), security attacks (viruses, hackers), internal attacks (malicious intent), and of course accidents and disasters.


In any IT network it is not just the reliability of the backup, but also how fast you can recover. Allowance must be made for the method of backup and what to recover to; do you have the necessary hardware needed? If not, how long does it take to obtain? You could be down for days and that is not good.


Computine can design, supply, implement and test an IT disaster solution for your business based around your requirements. In most cases the requirement from our clients is “We need our systems up and running within ‘x’ hours or ‘x’ days”. They would have done the maths and calculated how much it would cost the business if a severe IT outage were to happen and turn around they could afford.


At Computine we have a number of backup and recovery solutions to offer. Some of these solutions can get your systems up and running in a secure hosted virtual environment within hours of a catastrophe, allowing your business to operate even after a major event such as a fire.


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  • “Computine were very professional in their approach and delivered a bespoke website to meet our requirements that exceeded our expectations. We are now very proud estate agents in North West London. CH Estates”

    – CH Estates

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  • “On behalf of EMSTAR I would like to thank these chaps for such honest and hard work, we were ripped off in the past and overpaid for something we didn’t need or had control over. Our website is restored and we are looking forward to the mobile application.”

    – Peter Huddleston

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  • “We have been using Computine before it formed into a company, Krish has supported our infrastructure for many years. Always happy to help and guide us in the right direction. I’m fascinated about this new cloud environment we will have!”

    – Xavier Glasses

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  • “My new company had no IT support so I recommended Krish (now known as Computine LTD) and they turned up within 90 minutes and got us back up and running. Brilliant for AD HOC support and emergencies when you need them.”

    – Super Constructions

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  • “An absolute wonderful experience working with these guys, they really sprung my paper based ideas to life. Professional and they really were one click away! Ro x”

    – Rohini Makwana

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