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Important information on “How you can keep your wordpress website safe and secure” is attached along with this document in a question/answer format. We’ll try to tell you the essential facts regarding what you need to know about the website we developed for you.

Select the right company to work with !!

Having a web-presence is almost mandatory for businesses these days. It does not matter where you are or what you deal in, most of your potential customers will check your website before buying from you. There has been a dramatic shift on internet about websites in last few years, with the growth of internet.
Your customers have got so many options, each one of your competitor, irrespective of the location, size of business and supplying capacity is now competing for the business over a common platform – “THE INTERNET”

This is like never before. You may be from a high-street or a downtown, business having better web presence are taking over majority of the customers and making seriously good profit.

“Business still running on a traditional business model are facing recession, but internet or online business has been experiencing growth every day, month and year in last 10 years. Startup businesses with traditional retail approach are destined to be failed even before picking up”

In last 3 years, I have seen so many retail shop closed for good and businesses losing money, going bankrupt and ending up all sort of problems.
Getting a nice website done is not a rocket science. A basic webpresence is a must. You can get a website address ( domain name ) for less than 10 dollars for a year and very basic hosting for approx 30-50 dollars. Even if you don’t know anything about this all website business, a simple search on google – “how to get website done” will give you hundres of articles like this explaining it in various simple steps.

As a startup business, go through this post and you will find a precise step by step approach on how to get a website created for you.
The world is full of website developers, agencies and freelancers, so many packages are available in all ranges and options. There are few major factor, you should make your decision on

What is the available budget?
How soon do I need the website?
Do I need a website which is unique in the world, or I can live with a pre-designed website customized to my requirements?
How frequently will I be updating information on the site?
It’s very much like buying a car or refrigerator; a few question you should ask yourself before hitting the road. Budget can be in range of Under $100, under $500 or $1000 or 2000 or more … depending on what you are looking for and how experienced your developer is.

There are so many pre-packaged/pre-built website available where you can just change text, logo and you are good to go.. cost ranges from $10-30 per month and can be useful for a very basic web presence. If you think, you need someone exclusivity or customization on the website, you can request a quote from developers. A basic quote is mostly free of charges. ( * small line of promotion – at computine, “YES” we do provide our customers the best possible quotes)

Like any business – there are 3 levels of website developers exists,

High End / Luxury websites design agencies:
acceptGood : Awesome customers service experience, very well presented and experienced sales personal with great personalities and top notch communication skills. Companies like these hire Expert in design elements and technology.

deleteBad: Every luxury comes at a cost. Superb reception, great interior and high class sales representative adds up to the cost of your project. The development cost is not as much as it appears, obviously 80% of the cost is paid in these pre-development luxuries, where as the whole point of having a website is not for your own satisfaction; but is to provide “excellent overview and impression of Your Business to Your Customers”.

Intermediate / Middle Weight Development Agencies / Experienced Freelancers:

acceptGood: Cost vs return ratio is often very good. Growing and striving for business and genuinely try the best possible with your available budget. Experienced developers are usually have a clear cost estimates policy, which is in 90% of the time calculated on the basis of number of hours/days expected to finish the job. If the team is good and there is a clear policy / practice. Usually the companies work on a outsourced cost saving model which brings cost cutting advantages to customers as well. The key is communication and right skills.

deleteBad: You must make sure the company is having a local representation, clear development process. Check by simply google about the company. On top of everything – there must be a very well defined process that developers should follow, if that process is missing, there are good chances that project can be a pain in the neck. Missing out on communication can drag the project for a long chase.

Another sales note about computine : – We follow a very well defined visible process for handling the project ( Computine Project Development Process ) . From start to finish- it’s very clearly defined and we use every possible tool to improve on communication, be it email, phone, skype, IM, or screen sharing like team viewer or We use basecamp as our project management and communication tool which is the market leader in the industry.. Now back to original article.

Startup companies/ cheap website design suppliers/ your nephew or niece / School passout kid working during term breaks
You need to understand that there are few things that you can get from a pound-shop or dollar-store but they are not reliable, may solve the purpose for time being but if you are serious about generating business and interest from customer via website, try to use experts. The 3rd option is most economical but after you lose good few months, you may realize it was not worth it.

It is very much of important decision to find a suitable company for developing your website and not only you will save hundred or thousand dollars/pounds & precious time at the same time you will get more business. Your competitors have already started working towards achieving the online goals. What you are waiting for?

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